2019 NFL Survivor Pool ~ Do You have what it takes to survive?
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What is an NFL Survivor Pool?

The concept of an NFL Survivor Pool (also known as a Elimination, Knockout or Suicide Pool) is an easy one; simply survive from one week to the next by having the team you select win their game. Do you have what it takes?

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How does an NFL Survivor Pool work?

Participating in an our Survivor Pool involves four easy steps:

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2. Pick one team per week which you feel will win
3. If the team you chose wins, you survive
4. Last entry (or entries) standing wins
How hard is it to win an NFL Survivor Pool?

We can assure you it is much harder than it sounds to correctly pick a winner each week. One of the most popular NFL pool types across the web, its one of the easiest pools to participate in, but still remains one of the most challenging pools to win.

Join Now - $20 Registration Fee